Bike to Work

Every year in May we organise the Bike to Go Work Campaign, inspired in the international Bike To Work Day campaign, yearly event which happens in the whole world to promote the bicycle as a means of transport to go to work. In Brazil the event is put together by Bike Anjo with the support of many partners and the Brazilian Bike To Work Day happens always on the second Friday of May. Click here to know more about Bike to Work campaign and how to be engaged (only in portuguese).

World Carfree Day

The traditional Carfree Day happens always in September 22nd and mobilizes people around the globe to discourage the use of car and to choose a more sustainable means of transport. Bike Anjo could not stay out and has been working with its community to promote activities. Check the last World Carfree Day event by Bike Anjo (only in Brazil).

Activity for non-cyclists

Bike Anjo started in 2015 a process to think about directed contents and activities to “non-cyclists” to mobilize a public who not necessarily use the bicycle, but has a strong influence in the cyclists’ comfort and motivation in the streets.These stakeholders are: common or professional drivers (taxi / bus / van and truck drivers) and motorcyclists. The campaign promotes a set of materials and case studies to be used by its network. (Materials available only in portuguese for now)

Bike in Suburbs

Bike Anjo has been always looking for new ways to mobilize more people by bicycle and with that comes the question: what about the suburbs? Suburbs are areas which have (most the time) a big number of cyclists, but in so many cases have the disadvantaged of being inaccessible and too far from downtown. Therefore, Bike Anjo initiated a campaign in 2015 compiling experiences and instruction manuals to answer the following question: how to promote the bicycle in suburbs? (Materials available only in portuguese for now)

Bicycle in the Plans

This is a campaign performed in Brazil by Bike Anjo, Transporte Ativo, UCB - União de Ciclistas do Brasil, with support from Instituto Clima e Sociedade - ICS, and has the goal to guide and engage organised civil society and citizens, as well as municipal technicians and policy makers, to include cycling as a means of transportation on Urban Mobility Plans. More info (only in portuguese): http://bicicletanosplanos.org