The Bike Anjo Network Mobilization Project

The Bike Anjo network got together in 2013 and asked themselves: what to do with more than 200 cities and almost 1.000 members spread in Brazil? The answer was the “Bike Anjo Network Mobilization Project”, which has the goal to strengthen, promote and perform bicycle by the Bike Anjo network. Click here to know more about this project. Multiplier partner: Itaú

Bike Anjo School - BAS

The Bike Anjo School is a learning workshop for the bike world. It already occurs at least monthly in more than 30 cities, with learn to ride lessons and some other complementary activities, such as repairing bicycles, tips for those who want to cycle in traffic and even training new Bike Anjo volunteers. Check out the full schedule of BAS in all cities.

Bike Anjo School Sao Paulo Program

The Bike Anjo School Program Sao Paulo aims to engage the Sao Paulo citizens with the transforming power of the bicycle, performing in Sao Paulo city a continuous bicycle education program during the year. The program consists of 6 continuous modules that goes from the first steps of learning to ride a bike to becoming a Bike Anjo volunteer. More information about the modules, dates and locations here. Multiplier partner: Itaú

Bicycle in the Plans

This is a campaign performed in Brazil by Bike Anjo, Transporte Ativo, UCB - União de Ciclistas do Brasil, with support from Instituto Clima e Sociedade - ICS, and has the goal to guide and engage organised civil society and citizens, as well as municipal technicians.