Our statute

To understand our model of network with a legal registrations

Bike Anjo is not considered a NGO, but a network with a legal registration. However, we believe that, as any organization, we must be transparent about the way we registered our network which is reaching the whole world.

Note: Bike Anjo Association is legally based in Brazil and, therefore, all documents here linked are in portuguese.

Download our statute (only in portuguese).

Our registration data are:

Registered name: Associação Bike Anjo
Brazilian Registration Number (CNPJ): 19.515.100/0001-89
Municipal registration: 4897457-9
State registration: exempted

Legal address:
R. Miosotis, 158
Mirandopolis- São Paulo/SP
CEP: 04047-030

Business address
R. Miosotis, 158
Mirandopolis- São Paulo/SP
CEP: 04047-030

Annual Financial Statement

Everything about our financial statement in real time to the community

We believe that with open financial statement to the public and with a collaborative management we can learn more and better monitor our work.

Cash flow in real time

Annual Financial Statement 2014

Annual Financial Statement 2015

Annual Financial Statement 2016

Annual Financial Statement 2017

Annual Financial Statement 2018

Annual Financial Statement 2019