About Us

What is Bike Anjo

Get to know a little more about us

Bike Anjo means in portuguese "Bike Angel" (as a 'guardian angel'). It is a network of passionate cyclists that promotes, mobilizes and helps people getting started with cycling as a means of transportation in cities. We believe that cycling is a tool for social change and the more people ride, the better our cities will become!

Long story short, Bike Anjo is:

  • A chain of well doing
  • An organic, spontaneous, collaborative and voluntary based network
  • A community that spreads the word of the benefits of cycling
  • A community that makes the dream of riding a bike come true

How we organize ourselves:

We are like a bicycle, with several different parts that join together to work like one piece.

Our history

Get to know our track up to now

November 2010
Starts the Bike Anjo Project. Began in Sao Paulo city within the Critical Mass community with a quite modest blog and a simple form for people to request for help from a Bike Anjo volunteer.

February 2011
Bike Anjo turns into a national network! Bike Anjo spreads to other cities like Aracaju, Manaus, Recife and Niterói, all from different regions in Brazil.

April 2011
Bike Anjo inspires different countries. Bike Anjo comes to 11 cities, more than 50 volunteers and arrives in Portugal with the friends from MuBi (Portuguese bicycle association) with a project called “Bike Buddy MuBi”.

August 2011
Bike Anjo accomplished a crowdfunding. We were finalists in the “Ideas Festival Award” and got enough resources to create an automated new platform to connect new cyclists with Bike Anjo volunteers (crowdfunding link: bit.ly/apoiebikeanjo).

February 2012
EBA - Escola Bike Anjo is born (“Bike Anjo School” in portuguese). Bike Anjo got a partnership with the “Pedalinas” (a cyclist group formed by women) to make a workshop to teach people how to ride a bike in São Paulo city. The innitiave grew up and turns into a big project. The name was created by Bike Anjo from Recife city and goes to some other cities in Brazil.

June 2012
Launch of the 1st Bike Anjo automated platform. We launched our 1st automated platform to connect new cyclists with Bike Anjo volunteers.

May 2013
Launch of the Bike to Work Campaign. We launch a national Bike to Work Campaign in Brazil (debikeaotrabalho.org) which has great success in the whole country.

November 2013
We became a network of 1.000 Bike Anjo volunteers! This made us realise we turned into a national network \o/

December 2013
Bike Anjo in Australia. Australia creates a Bike Anjo scheme called “Bike Buddies Australia” and in a few months mobilizes more than 100 volunteers.

December 2013
Creation of Bike Anjo Association. The opening assembly takes place to be a legal organisation towards the brazilian legislation.

March 2014
Bike Anjo Network Mobilization Project. We start the project with support of Itau (a brazilian bank) to strengthen our network in national and international scope.

April 2014
Awards and more awards! We won two sequential awards: the Outsiders Award 2014 and the Promoting Mobility by Bicycle Award 2014 of Transporte Ativo Association (“Active Transport” in portuguese).

November 2014
1st Brazilian Bike Anjo Meeting. Bike Anjo organised its first National Meeting with more than 30 members from 17 brazilian cities.

December 2014
1st Brazilian Bike Anjo Meeting. Bike Anjo organised its first National Meeting with more than 30 members from 17 brazilian cities.

March 2015
Opening of Sao Paulo Bike Anjo School Program. A continuous educational program for cyclists begins in Sao Paulo city.

April 2015
Bike Anjo reaches to 6 countries! Bike Anjo got to the number of 1.500 volunteers in 250 cities in Brazil and starts in others 5 countries: Ecuador, France, United States, Australia and Portugal.

January 2018
Future? Mobilize all 5 continents with the Bike Anjo network until 2018.